Activities in Marrakech

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Situated near to the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is an excellent destination for adventure and fun while in Morocco.

The city is very old, with its history going back several centuries, and has a treasure-trove of attractions, ranging from mosques and tombs to forts and ruins.

In addition to this, the city is also well known for its stunning views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes.

Being close to the Atlas Mountains in particular and southern Morocco in General, it serves as a base for travelers who want to explore the country’s vast interior.

Chez Ali | Fantasia Shows in Marrakech

Fantasia is one of the most famous among Activities in Marrakech, near to the city.

It is a famous eats out destination, for tourists and locals alike, and features a variety of cuisines and more from across the region.

In addition to this, there are several shows as well that the guests can look forward to, while they enjoy their stay.

Some of the events to look forward to are: Arabian horse jumping, blue men show with torches, throwing of rose petals by girls, a visit to Ali Baba’s cave, exhibition on a horse, majestic entrance to the restaurant and which finish off with an escort service to your table.



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Buggy Adventure

Marrakech is located very near to the Atlas Mountains, close to the range’s foothills.

This provides for an excellent uneven terrain for all the Best of Marrakech activities like the Buggy adventure.

Many operators in the regions around Marrakech offer Buggies to explore and enjoy the vast rugged terrain.

It is one of the highly sought after adventure activities in the region, and something that any adrenaline junkie can look forward to.

So if you want to check out the buggy rides in the region, just make sure that you have your helmets and other safety gear on, and enjoy the ride.

If you want to check out the Buggy adventures in the region, there are two major locations in the regions that currently offer it, the details of which are given below.



Quad Experience in Marrakech

Also, one of the Best Activities in Marrakech that you can find is the Quad.

It is on the handlebars of your quad that you will go on an adventure to discover Lake Lalla Takerkoust!

Alone or two on the quad, the quad will be your ideal companion to climb the slopes of the Atlas.

Handy, you will be surprised and won over by its reliability, ease of use and power.

Sail on the winding roads, combine straight lines and turns under your accelerations.

Quad bikes are similar to Buggies, with the only difference being that they are far more mobile and have controls similar to that of a bike.

There are several places in and around Marrakech where one can operate quad bikes, including the places such as the Palm Grove and Lalla Takerkoust.



Camel Riding near Marrakech

Camels have been an integral part of the local culture for a very long time.

They were used by Bedouins and Berbers as a form of transport to travel across the vast Sahara Desert, as well as the surrounding mountainous areas.

Although times have changed, many of the people still retain their old ways. In fact, the Sahara Desert is still famous for the camel caravans that transport goods like resins, gums, salt, etc.

In addition to being an important form of transport in the desert, the camels have become an attraction unto themselves.

There are several places where one can interact with camels in Marrakech. One of the best places to experience this would be in the Palm Grove of Marrakech.

The Palm is an excellent place for one to engage in camel riding. With a very scenic desert backdrop and experienced camel herders, expect to enjoy riding the camels across this vast desert terrain.



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Jet Ski in Lalla Takerkoust Lake

It might seem like an odd activity to find in the middle of a desert or mountain.

But the fact is that there are Jet Skiing activities available near Marrakech. Currently, we exclusively offer the practice of the jet skis at the Lalla Takerkoust Lake.

Starting in about fifteen minutes, you can look forward to enjoying on and across the vast Lalla Takerkoust Lake.

Before you jet off, ensure that you have your safety vest on at all times.



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Fly-Board in Marrakech

Another important activity that goes about at Lalla Takerkoust Lake, is that of Flyboarding.

If you aren’t aware of what Fly-boarding is, think of it like being a jetpack attached to your feet, with the boosters being made out of the water rather than fire.

The source of the water is the lake itself, and you can get yourself a package at the location.

One thing to remember while you jet off several feet above the ground is to not make sudden moves, for you can get launched in an odd direction.

Instead, work on changing your position in a smooth and steady way, no matter which direction you plan to move to, as it’s useful to maintain stability.

And as you play on the fly board, enjoy as you rise above the lake and get a great view of the surrounding regions, stretching from the shores to the distant areas.



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Balloon Flight

Last but not least, are the balloon flights that take place in the regions near to Marrakech.

Currently, we can offer you a hot air balloon rides across the outskirts of Marrakech.

The balloons rise several hundred feet into the sky and offer an excellent bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas, which range from the distant Atlas Mountains to the Berber villages and everything in between.

While you are at it, you can also get a glimpse of just how small everything looks from above the ground, as you go high up in the sky.

The excursions are some of the best and give you one of the best views of everything that this region of Morocco has to offer.


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